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Mobility in Sales

Coeur d'com offers a wide range of products and services. From large scale networking and PC virutalization to End point  administration and wireless deployment. Our engineers and sales staff have a wide range of backgrounds and technical skills that allows us to stay mobile and agile in an ever changing IT environment. 

Partners in Service

Coeur d'com partners with industry leaders to get you the latest technologies at the best prices.  This partnership allows our staff to stay up to date on the latest from the world leaders in networking and computer hardware. 

What can Coeur d'com offer my bussiness or school? 

With over 19 years in business we have the expirence to solve all your IT needs. Quality service, quick support and inovative ideas to maximize your IT efficiency without breaking the budget. 





Effeciency The IT infastructure has an ever increasing prefrence for Effeciency; From lower energy consumption comes decreseased overhead costs. By using new techniques such as 2-tier network topology, PC virtualiztion and flash based storage; we are able to save you money through reduced energy consumption and reduced cooling requirements. 




Security We use the latest in hardware and software based security solutions. Whether it's in network communications and wireless access to remote services and VPN's, Ceour d'com has the expertise to keep your sensative information and network running smothely. End user antivirus, LAN based firewall systems, group policy and domain managment and exchange server email monitoring; these are just a few of the solutions we use to keep your networks safe. 

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